The Bible clearly commands us to seek Wisdom, Knowledge and understanding.  Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand, meaning that knowledge is practically useless without wisdom. This is because water in the sand means if sand is in the water, you can’t drink it so it is useless to you.

This can also refer to water in the sand when you try to pick up sand in water, it will spill off your hand and you can’t hold it. This is like knowledge without wisdom because when you are not wise, your knowledge is almost escaping you.
People can also be careless because, with knowledge, you know what to say or do. But with wisdom, you know when to say it or do it. For example, Jimmy is a really good 3 point shooter in basketball, but he didn’t have much wisdom. This lack of wisdom would cause Jimmy to take shots like an off balance, fade away 3 pointer over 6 foot person with his hand reaching over to stuff me. This shot obviously wouldn’t go in, so I have to be wise to know the right shots to take in order to succeed. Overall, this quote was very interesting and is a good one to follow throughout life.