How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.
Life is not life unless it is shared. It can be simply what you feel about someone. For instance a compliment. Those simple words can often make someone feel special and cared for and in return you also feel happy.
Sharing is truly a win – One of the best things you can share with others is your own happiness
Have you ever shared life with others? The bible is encouraging us to live in unity with one another.

Luke 19:1-9 you must be present to share life with others. A while before Passover, Jesus passed through Jericho on his way to Jerusalem and he encountered with a local tax collector called Zachaeus. Jesus visited him to his house and they shared together. It was through the visit that this man transformed and became one of the disciples. We need to be there for everyone so that we can be able to transform others through fellowship including the sinners.

Purpose to share with others what you have including your own life.
Be patience with each other. Others may not be like you or even do things the same as you do but be patient with them and appreciate the diversity.
Living in unity with other people will give us an opportunity to Learn from them.
Appreciate and compliment others and by so doing you will encourage them to continue doing more and better.
Learn to be connected with God because when we get connected with God, we shall automatically be connected with people.