Elder Elizabeth

Elder Elizabeth Karanja

Tumaini District was curved from the larger Sportsview District in May 2014 and immediately placed under the Eldership of Elder Mrs. Roseanne Kimondo. Then Elder Robert Mbuthia took over, then handled over to current Elder Elizabeth Karanja .  Prior to the curving, the districts as part of Sportsview District was under the Eldership of Elder. David Njoroge.
The geographical coverage of the districts includes: Kasarani Police Line, All Flats behind Powerstar Supermarket and Shell Petrol Station, The flats along and behind the stretch between Kasarani Police Station and the Barclays Bank Building, All flats on the front row of Naivas Supermarket and also behind Naivas Supermarket


Tumaini District map

The district has seen growth in membership in the past 3 years, where the number of families have grown from the initial 10 households in May 2014 to slightly above 30 families as at the end of 2016.
In addition to the growth in numbers, we have also witnesses’ members from Tumaini District who have received salvation in the same period which is encouragingly. The spiritual growth of the members have also been enhanced through various activities which take place during the weekly fellowships.

Tumaini District has adopted a number of activities within the weekly fellowship which are all aimed at enhancing the spiritual growth of the members. The major area of focus at the district level is teaching and equipping the members with the Knowledge of the Word of God. As a result, the district has continued to hold Thematic Teachings during the weekly fellowship which are facilitated either by the members themselves, or by invited guests.
In addition to Thematic Teaching; other activities includes: Sermons, Praise and Worship Evening (Members meet and do only Praise and Worship for the entire session), Prayer Evening (This is where members meet and only do intercession prayer for the entire session), and Bible Exposition. Tumaini District also strives to build the skills and capacity of its members in offering services to God; as a result, the district always encourage the upcoming and young spirituals members to take up roles during the district fellowship such as leading prayers, programming the fellowship and sharing the word of God.
The district also has a welfare kitty where members contribute on monthly basis; the proceeding of the kitty is usually used to support the members who are in any need; including: wedding, hospitalization or bereavement.

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