Elder Mrs. Rebbeca Maina

Kise District was started in the year 2010 as a zone under the leadership of Elder Njoroge Later, it was curved from the larger Sportsview District and became a full District and given the name ‘KISE DISTRICT’ it was headed by Elder Njoroge. It started with five families who were very royal they used to meet every Wednesday at 5.30 pm.

Elder Njoroge handed over the District to Elder Mrs Njihia in 2011. She led the District well and it grew to a membership of around 20 families. They used to meet every Wednesday starting from 6.30 pm. Members grew spiritually. However in 2013 the then Elder Mrs Njihia relocated to the USA together with her family. Elder Mrs Rebecca Maina was handed over the mantle in October 2013. She is still with us and we are greatful for her work.

The District has continually grown in number to about 28 families as per this months statistics (March 2016). We normally meet every Wednesday starting from 6.30 pm and we visit each member’s house. Some of our members are as far as Thome, Roasters and Ngumba estate. Through the commitment and dedication of our district members we are able to reach these families. Every year in the month of August we normally hold a family Sunday to one of the District members who agrees to host the service. It is usually a fun day as we share the word of God and food together with our families.

Currently we have 5 deacons and each one of them is assigned a zone to lead. Our men are also not left out they have their men fellowship which was started by Mr. Njihia (he has since relocated to the USA with his family). They normally meet every 2nd Sunday of the month starting from 5.30 pm for their fellowship. They are currently 15 but we are praying that the number will increase in due course.
We thank God for the far he has taken us as a District through our District Elder Mrs Rebecca Maina. We are trusting God that we will grow in numbers as per the will of God. May God bless Kise District.