Rejoice over small blessing

Joy is not unrealistic of life but its Gods intended way of life.
If we pursue joy, it has the power to almost instantly transform our lives.
Joy is a free gift available to everyone.
Appreciate the small blessings of life.
It pleases God when we start our day with joy.
Go eat your food with gladness and drink your wine with joyful heart for God has already approved what you do( Ecclesiastes 9:7).

My lips will shout for joy when I sing praise to you I whom you delivered (Psalm 71:23). Its Gods will for us to live with joy. He command us to rejoice (Psalm 100:1)

Rejoice in hard times
Finding joy and happiness in the midst of trials is possible,
Great leaders and strong nations were born from great trials and adversities.
It is when you rejoice in God in the midst of trials you position yourself to receive God’s deliverance
Don’t mind your trials but rather rejoice in the one who is able to change the situation.