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A.  Background Information

The Christian Education Committee is an integral committee in the P.C.E.A. church whose role is to educate the members on various areas. At the Central Committee, the Group is coordinated by the Director of Christian Education who works hand in with the Central Christian Education Committee, whereas, the Moderator of the General Assembly is the Chaplain of the Group. At the Regional Level, the group is coordinated by the Regional Education Secretary who works hand in hand with the Regional Christian Education Committee. At the Presbyterial Level, the Group is coordinated by the Presbyterial Christian Education Committee whereas at the parish level, the parish Christian education committee takes charge. At the lowest level is the congregation or the local church.

The structure is described in the chart below:



1. Meetings
The Christian Education(CE) Committee at the congregational level meets every third Sunday of the month. At the parish level, all the congregation’s CE members meet on rotational basis at either of the congregations once every two months.

2. Theological Education by Extension (TEE)
TEE is a formal theological education offered by PCEA church. It is a program disseminated at the local church level with an intention of training interested members more about the bible. An interested member begins from the certificate level after which he may progress to the diploma and higher diploma levels. Beyond higher diploma, a member can enroll at Presbyterial University to pursue a degree program on the same.

3. Seminars
The CE Committee together with the various church groups organizes seminars and teachings to meet the needs of the members.
In addition, in collaboration with the Nairobi North Presbyterial Christian Education, the group organizes Teens’ seminar every holiday per year. The programme target teens’ in Form 1 to Form 4 from within the parishes that form Nairobi North Presbytery.

4. Bookshop
In tandem with ensuring the church is educated on biblical maters, CE does run a non-profitable bookshop. An interested member can find hymn books, bibles (children and adult), and motivational books. Sales are made during Sunday services and whenever requests are made by interested members.

5. Coordinating other groups
There are other groups within Christian Education. These include:
i) Young Couples
This is a group of young married couples that support each other in building better marriages. Christian Education supports this group by organizing seminars and/or providing assistance in getting resource couples during the various events and meetings whenever they hold them.

ii) Single Parents
Within the church, there are single parents that face unique challenges every day. This group supports each other in addressing the same. Christian education supports them by organizing seminars and inviting experts to come and discuss ways to address as well as improve the well being of single parenting.

iii) Teens
This is a recently formed group. It was formed to meet the needs of children that feel they have surpassed brigade level and are not within the youth level as yet. Preferably, teenagers in high school – form 1 to 4.
This group is managed by the Sunday school, Youth and Christian Education.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility
The CE is closely involved in reaching out to the less fortunate through donations of money, clothing and food. This does happen within scheduled time in the calendar.

7 .Church ICT
CE is tasked by the church to oversee the management of various ICT equipment the church owns. These include:
i) The church website
ii) PDQ machines
iii) SMS Service
iv) Church LCD projector and any other related ICT equipment the church shall purchase and entrust them to CE.

C. 2020/2021 LEADERSHIP
The CE committee members include:
i) Patron: Elder Robert Mbuthia
ii) Chairperson: Henry Ng’ang’a
iii) Vice-Chairperson: Catherine Kericho
iv) Secretary:  Priscilla Wairimu
v) Vice Secretary: Jane Wairuri
vi) Treasurer: Teresia Wainaina