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  • PCMF-Scholarship

PCMF Executive Issuing Scholarship – 1st May, 2022

PCMF executive issuing Scholarship to the parent of 2021 KCSE PCEA Kasarani West Parish beneficiaries, on 01/05/2022

  • Brigade-commissioning1

Brigade Commissioning – 24th April, 2022

Brigade Commissioning on 24th April, 2022

  • ROPES-Graduation3

ROPES Graduation Event – 19th April, 2022

PCEA KASARANI WEST PARISH ROPES graduation event on 19/04/2022 at MGM Membly Campus.
Also included is the photo during one of the training sessions for the boys during the stay at the incubation

  • Church-School-Music2

Church School Music & Drama – 8th April, 2022

This event took place on 8th April 2022 at the church.
The children showcased their talents in drama and presented different songs. Different talents were identified and were very impressive.
90 children attended and they enjoyed.

  • Brigade-camp

Brigade Camp at Kamulu MGA: 31st March- 1st April, 2022

Brigade Camp at Kamulu MGA on 31st March- 1st April, 2022

  • Children-Counselling2

Church School Children Counselling – 20th March, 2022

This event took place on 20th March, 2022 and it was done per class separately by the counselling team and the teachers on duty.
The following topic was covered: Overcoming fear & Anxiety

  • Brigade-assessment1

Brigade Assessment – March, 2022

Brigade Assessment on 13th & 25th March, 2022

  • Teachers-Capacity-Building2

Church School Teachers’ Capacity Building – 19th March, 2022

The seminar took place on 19th March at Elysian Resort, 24 teachers attended.
The facilitator was Elder Mahinda and the topic was leadership in Christianity

  • Church-school-graduation

Church School Seminar & Graduation – 12th March, 2022

This event took place on 12th March 2022 at the Faith tower building.

The main facilitator was Rev Dr Kamau Thairu. The seminar started at 8am with a word of devotion Elder Ezekiel Kaguamba. Twenty-Eight {28]out […]

  • Brigade-parade2

Brigade Parade – 30th January, 2022

Brigade parade on 30th January, 2022