Local church Woman’s Guild formation year 2000 month of May


  • Chairlady                –         Susan Njoroge
  • Vice Secretary          –         Margaret Wanjiku Njihia
  • Secretary                 –         Grace Wangari Kamau
  • Vice Secretary          –         Catherine W. Mwangi
  • Treasurer                –         Grace W. Njiraini

At the time of Woman’s Guild formation they were 14 members inclusive of the officials. Full Council was formed later by the executive office and another 6 members from the group. The full council at that time was formed by 11 members.

At the time of formation we had Elder Njoroge as a patron  at the outreach level while Rev. Reuben Nganga was the parish minister.

After the formation we as PCEA Kasarani church Woman’s Guild started growing to large number and also spiritually.

Due to PCEA Kimbo Parish tremendous growth in membership that has been witnessed by the Parish Kirksession it was found necessary to request the Nairobi North presbytery to subdivide the Parish into four parishes namely:-

  • PCEA Kasarani Parish
  • PCEA Sukari Parish
  • PCEA Kimbo Parish
  • PCEA Mukinyi Parish

And this was done on 18th July 2004 for that reason the Woman’s Guild New Kasarani Parish officials were:-

New Parish Officials

  • Lucy Macharia                   –         Chairlady
  • Susan Njoroge                   –         Vice chairlady
  • Casty Muita                      –         Secretary
  • Catherine Mathenge          –         Vice Secretary
  • Rose Kagure Mbae             –         Treasurer


Local Kasarani Church  Office 2005

  • Susan Nyaguthii Njoroge    –         Chairlady
  • Grace Kamau                    –         Vice chairlady
  • Eunah Wanjiru Gichamba   –         Secretary
  • Naomi Wanjiku Persemi     –         Vice Secretary
  • Grace Wanjiru Njiraini       –         Treasurer
  • David Njoroge                  –         Patron
  • Joseph Mungai Maina        –         Parish level minister

Currently year 2021- 2022 were 135 commissioned members and 34 followers.

The current 2021-2022 office bearers:

  • Peris Karanja           –         Chairlady
  • Winnie Gitonga       –         Secretary
  • Angela Maina                   –         V. Chairlady
  • Hannah Wambugu  –         V. Secretary
  • Jane Mwaura                   –         Treasurer

The full Council consists of 13 members; 5 Executive members plus 8 zone and group representatives.

Mandate      –         Serving God in Woman’s Guild Ministry

Objectives    –         To empower all through fellowship and service to God.

Vision           –         Our vision is to be an all-inclusive Christian union organization that

empowers women to transform society.

Mission        –         Our mission is to historically empower women to effectively transform the society through worship, fellowship, networking, partnership, advocacy, and communication, mobilization


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