History of PCEA Kasarani Woman’s Guild
Kasarani Woman’s guild was started in 1991 by two ladies.
In the year 2000, the group went on growing because 5 ladies were commissioned and 3 more received with transfers.
In the year 2002 4 more ladies were commissioned and in the same year on 22-09-2002 the group was officially formed having a total of 18 ladies.

The group every 2 years commission members who have followed for two years as followers.
In the year 2012, the group had commissioned 9 woman guild and 5 members honored with badges.
We are now 62 commissioned woman’s guild.


  • Chair Lady – Wanja Karanja
  • Treasure – Margaret Mwangi
  • Secretary – Jane Wairuri
  • Vice secretary – Angela Maina
  • Vice chair lady – Tabitha Tatua


  • Alphinda Thogori
  • Grace Mugo
  • Esther Muriithi
  • Leah Mugo
  • Susan Njoroge

Every week we hold prayers on Thursday from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm and end month prayers.

Needy cases for those who have lost their loved ones, sick, orphans, old and children homes.

Educate our members by giving them seminars about family life parental guidance.

World day of prayer
Worldwide prayers are held during the month of March. The offering offered during that time is given to educate the orphans from each parish.

They are held every year. The officials are not eligible after 3 years in the office.

The meetings for the group are held after two months. The minutes are read by the secretary and confirmed by the members.

The office bares 5 officials presenting the group in the parish.
Co-opted members are 6 who join the group to form a committee.

This year we have about 13 new applicants who want to be members of woman’s guild.

How to be a member of woman’s guild
One writes a letter to the chairlady requesting for acceptance and are called for interviews.

We give glory to the Lord for the far we have gone. Amen!